Critic for a day ;-)




March 31, 1996



Underneath where nobody finds me
All the brothers are gone
I can see the passing refugees
Flowing, they are flowing

Nobody saw it get to my head
No, they can’t find me
Calling loud deep in the dark ravine
Flowing, oh, I’m flowing

Flowing back along the village river bed
As the water flows underneath my head

All the brothers have gone back overseas
Girlies pass me by
I had the meanest heart you’ve ever seen
Flowing, oh, I’m flowing

If I could crawl out of this yawning earth
Go find Suzy-Boo
We’d smoke gold in the dreamland too
Flowing, we are flowing

Flowing by my river to the sea
By my mean old spirit in the trees

I turned my face to the sound above
No, they can’t see me
Old bones are just food for the trees
Flowing, oh, I’m flowing

There was lies and fires in the hills
Down the living streets
Their smoke blows back my memories
Flowing, they are flowing

Flowing down the river to the sea
Flowing mean old bones in the stream

If these bones could ever sail a while
For an extra mile
They’d flow just like the river Nile
Flowing, they are flowing