Bedtime for Democracy…1986…2106?

More relevant than ever…



The Great Wall 

Great Wall of China
It’s so big it’s seen from outer space
Put there to keep starving neighbors
Locked outside the gates

What’s changed today?
Empires hoard more than they need
And peasants threaten our comfort

We’ll build a Great Wall around our power
Build a Great Wall around our power

Bankrupt L.A.’s streetcar line
So people pay more to drive
Plant strategic freeways
To divide neighborhoods by color lines

We’d rather pay for riot squads
Than pump your ghetto back to life
We let your schools decay on purpose

To build a Great Wall around our power
Another Great Wall around our power

Warlords in grey suits
Take a different route to work each day
Second-hand green berets
Form the companies’ private armies.
We’ll take all your gold
But won’t teach reading or feed your poor
The League of Gentleman
Would rather feed guns to puppet dictators

There’s too many people in your world
And refugees are expensive
When they trickled down onto our soil
We hunt them and arrest them
Classify them insane
And put them back on the next plane
To the waiting arms
Of the same death squads they fled

We’ve built a Great Wall around our power
Economic Great Wall around our power
Worldwide Great Wall around our power

Give us your poor,
Your tired and your weak
We’ll send ’em right back
To their certain death


 America needs a new Jello

It is strange how the songs of Jello Biafra and The Dead Kennedys are more relevant than ever. Scary and slightly prophetic b/c Trump takes the prejudice and oozing vibes of death to the next level – which even Jello could not have predicted. Reagan was a heartfelt Santa compared to Trump the hate monger.

From the album Frankenchrist (1985)

“This Could Be Anywhere (This Could Be Everywhere)”

Cold concrete apartments
Rise up from wet black asphalt
Below them a few carcasses
Of the long gone age of privacy

It takes a scary kind of illness
To design a place like this for pay
Downtown’s an endless generic mall
Of video games and fast food chains

One by one
The little houses are bricked up and condemned
A subtle hint to move
Before the rats move in

This could be anywhere
This could be everywhere
Those new kids at school seem cool
But dad says not to talk to them
Stick to your old friends
They’re not our kind
So now there’s lots of fights

So many people I know
Come of age tense and bitter-eyed
Can’t create so they just destroy
Let’s set someone’s dog on fire

Empty plastic
Culture slum suburbia
Is a war zone now
Sprouting the kinds of gangs
We thought we’d left behind

This could be anywhere
This could be everywhere
Kids at school are taking sides
Along color and uniform lines
My dad’s gone and bought a gun
He says he’s fed up
With crime in this town
This could be anywhere
This could be everywhere
This could be anywhere
This could be everywhere
I hope I’m gone before it explodes
I linger late at night
Waiting for the bus
No amount of neon jazz
Could hide the oozing vibes of death
My dad’s a vigilante now
He’s bringing home these weird-ass friends
Like the guy who fires blanks at his TV
When Kojak’s on
Or the guy who shows off his submachine gun
To his sixteen-year-old daughter’s friends
Whose sense of pride and hope
Is being in the police reserve

This could be anywhere
This could be everywhere-Everywhere


American prophetic dystopia by Jonze & the Butler brothers in the short film

Scenes From the Suburbs…

Is this short a future glimpse of living in America if Trump comes to power?

Arcade Fire/Jonze & Jello shared nightmare visions of a even more divided and segregated America feels closer than ever – with Trump so close to the ultimate power.

America, how did it get to this?

Even if Trump looses. What about the next election? What Evil Character will take his place?

It is downright scary.

Man oh man, USA.

Wake up.  Please.

The fear is here.


We need another Jello…

Segregation 2016 Milwaukee—knaekker-usa-over-i-to/